Upcoming Webinar:

The Project Revolution

Tuesday, January 29 @ 11 a.m. ā€“ 12 p.m. ET | 4 p.m. ā€“ 5 p.m. GMT

Projects are becoming the essential model to deliver change and create value for organizations around the world. Join Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and Mike Canning in a conversation to learn more about the project revolution and the new skills required of today’s successful leaders. This live webinar will cover:

  • How the project landscape is changing around the world

    According to recent research, the number of individuals working in project-based roles will increase from 66 million (in 2017) to 88 million (forecast 2027).

  • What these changes mean for you

    By 2025, senior leaders and managers will spend 60%+ of their time selecting, prioritizing, and driving the execution of projects.

  • The implications for you as a leader

    Learn what skill sets, toolsets and mindsets will help you adapt and thrive in a project-driven world.

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Meet the Speakers

  • Antonio Nieto-Rodriquez

    Antonio Nieto-Rodriquez (antonionietorodriguez.com) is the world’s champion in project management and co-founder of the global movement Brightline. He has transformed a tactical topic such as project management into one of the central issues in CEO’s 2030 agenda. He argues that projects are the lingua franca of the business and personal worlds, from the C-suite to managing your career or relationships. Antonio’s research and global impact in modern management have been recognized by Thinkers50 with the prestigious award, “Ideas into Practice.” He is a visiting professor at some of the world-leading business schools, including Duke CE, Skolkovo, IE, Solvay, Vlerick, and is a much-in-demand keynote speaker at events worldwide. Antonio is the author of the bestselling The Focused Organization, The Project Revolution, and contributor to four other business books. He is Past Chairman of the Project Management Institute (PMI).

  • Mike Canning

    Mike Canning, JD, Global Managing Director, New Business Models, is an expert who served as Chief Executive (2010-2016) of Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) and led their client business for 15 years on 5 continents, working extensively with leaders to build more adaptive, Agile organizations and leaders. Canning coordinated Duke CE’s efforts to develop a unique body of knowledge and tools that address the key challenges of leaders in the middle of an organization, resulting in the publication of an eight-volume book series, Leading from the Center, which he co-authored.