Upcoming Webinar:

Digital Transformation in a Project-Driven World

Preparing Project Leaders to Thrive in Disruption

Thursday, October 10, 2019, 11am-12pm EDT | 4pm-5pm BST

There is a disconnect between how project leaders develop strategy and the new rules of the digital revolution. The digital world is very changed from the one that gave birth to popular strategic concepts.

By default, leaders are often:

  • applying out-dated strategy models and thinking to the new world.
  • trying to squeeze the exponential competitive realities of the digital revolution into linear strategic planning and execution concepts.

Join Ryan McManus as he discusses the scope of the digital era that's impacting project work and how adaptive leadership can guide you and your teams to thrive in disruptive times.

What will you learn?


    The digital age requires new approaches and techniques that require a different mindset for seeing problems and complexity


    With digital change comes the opportunity to make improvements for your organization and ability to deliver greater value through strategic initiatives 

  • LEAD

    Hear the research and best practices for adaptive leadership and how it can be applied to your role 


  • Ryan McManus

    Ryan McManus, a Duke CE educator, is the co-founder of techtonic.io, where he guides organizations through digital transformation to become digital and data leaders and generate business results. Ryan has over 25 years of leadership and execution experience across digital transformation, corporate strategy, global operations, startups and corporate boards. He previously served as the President for EVRYTHNG, the world’s leading IoT Smart Products platform company, enabling the digitization of trillions of products.